(age 6 weeks to 18 months)

Our infant program is filled with toys, books, music, games and lots of cuddle time in a setting that feels like family. Your child will discover new things every day through a variety of physical, emotional, social and mental stimulation for daily development in motor skills and vocabulary. Infants have special nurturing needs that will be enhanced by our caregivers. Your child will have a consistent relationship with our caregivers which promotes feelings of security and encouragement.



(age 18 - 36 months)

This program offers age appropriate activities in a loving atmosphere. Your toddlers day will include supervised play, basic academics, music, art, fine and gross motor activities. Children will be introduced to cleaning up their toys and following simple directions. We also spend time assisting them with language development.



(age 3 to 5 years)

Your pre-school aged children will learn self-help skills, letter and number recognition, increased music, art, literature, language, and science skills. These activities are introduced through learning stations created by our staff. Preparing your child for kindergarten is our overall goal. Evaluations to assess your child’s progress are done twice a year. Scheduled parent/teacher conferences are available and recommended.


School Age

(age 5 to 12 years)

Our before and after school program caters to those that cannot be there to send their children off to school or be there when they return. Our staff will help them with any homework or projects that they can. When school is closed or canceled our facility will be open for them.